Voter casts a ballot in North Adams City Hall (copy) (copy)

A voter casts a ballot in the 2017 North Adams preliminary race. A preliminary mayoral election will be held Tuesday in the city to narrow the field of candidates from four to two.

NORTH ADAMS — Who are the two front runners for mayor? Voters will decide on Tuesday in the city's preliminary election.

Four candidates will be narrowed down to two through the vote.

Here are seven things to know.

Where and when to vote: There is one polling place, St. Elizabeth’s Parish Center on St. Anthony Drive. The polls are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Who's on the ballot:  Jennifer Macksey, Aprilyn Carsno, Rachel Branch and Lynette Bond are running. You can read more about each of the candidates and their key issues on our website. Current Mayor Tom Bernard is not seeking re-election.

When we might know the results: “As quickly as we can put it together,” City Clerk Cathleen King said.

Why this election is historic: With four women on the ballot, the city is poised to elect its first woman to the mayor's office.

What is not on the ballot Tuesday: Positions for City Council, North Adams School Committee, and Northern Berkshire Vocational Regional School District School Committee are not on the preliminary ballot but will be on the general election ballot in November. That's because there are not enough people running in those races to warrant a preliminary election. Fourteen people are running for nine spots on City Council, King said, and there would need to be 19 council candidates to trigger a preliminary vote.

How many people voted early: Of the city's roughly 9,000 registered voters, around 200 people voted early, according to King. She is not sure what to expect for turnout on Tuesday. "On one hand, it seems to be inspiring a lot of interest because it's four women  four women with very different takes on all the issues. I think there are people strongly seated in each camp," she said. But, she added, "sometimes turnout isn’t as good for preliminary votes.” At the last preliminary election for mayor in 2017, about 18 percent of voters cast a ballot.

When the general election will be held: Nov. 2.

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