North Adams City Hall

North Adams has started to receive money from the American Rescue Plan Act.

NORTH ADAMS — Money from the federal American Rescue Plan Act has started to flow into the city, but it's not yet clear exactly how it will be used.

In June, the city received about $666,000, according to Mayor Tom Bernard. He expects an additional $1.2 million this year and $1.2 million next year.

Bernard and his team are working on a plan for the money, he said Tuesday.

“One of the big things we really want to focus on is infrastructure," Bernard said, floating the possibility of water and sewer projects.

He expects some money to go toward addressing economic impact in the community and that the city will use a model like it does for its Community Development Block Grant social services campaign.

“I think we will follow a similar model for whatever portion will be used for economic relief in the community,” he said. Who could apply is yet to be determined, he said, but it likely will be open to businesses and social service agencies.

Last month, Pittsfield received $16.2 million in ARPA money. Mayor Linda Tyer told The Eagle last week that she is planning to form an advisory council made up of “community members, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, community activists” and potentially a city councilor to oversee how the money is allocated.

“It's something I'm considering," Bernard said when asked if he planned to form a similar group.

So far, none of the money has been spent, he said.

“We're working on it," he said, "and when we have something ready to go, we’ll go.”

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