Weird Al Yankovic waving, smiling in Williamstown

A still image from a video posted Tuesday from Williamstown by "Weird Al" Yankovic. The entertainer's daughter, Nina, is a first-year student at Williams College. 

WILLIAMSTOWN — "Weird Al" Yankovic has made millions of dollars making fun of things. 

This just in: He thinks the words emblazoned on a crosswalk at the top of Spring Street in Williamstown are laughable. "STOP. LOOK. WAVE," they declare.

On a visit to Williams College, where his daughter is enrolled, the Grammy-winning musician and satirist paused Tuesday to treat his nearly 5 million Twitter followers to 12 seconds of classic Weird Al. 

Roll camera. 

Ah, the humanity — and the acting: head jerks, quizzical looks, soul-searching ... and then a megawatt smile framed by a shock of curly (and graying) hair that one follower soon likened to the flowing locks of the late Frank Zappa. 

As of Wednesday afternoon, the post had received more than 348,000 views and drawn over 200 comments, with fans thanking Yankovic for their moment of Weird Al zen.

"This is why this man is a treasure. He belongs next to Steve Irwin, Mr. Rogers, and Bob Ross on the wall of people who taught us the best ways to be," one follower wrote.

"He followed the rubric," said another, which you will only understand if you watch the video Yankovic posted.

"Al doing Dad level jokes gives me life," a follower observed. Another: “And the Oscar goes to … Al Yankovic! : Crosswalk Wave!”

One person was bold enough to wonder who took the video of Yankovic, who is himself known, among many other entertainment firsts, as a producer of videos for musicians including The Black Crowes, Hanson and Ben Folds. Perhaps that daughter?

This being Twitter, the door was open. "Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Floyd the Barber from Andy Griffiths show?" one follower asked.

This week's post wasn't Yankovic's first from Berkshire County. He posted Sept. 1 about dropping off his daughter at college, writing, "Just got back from dropping off my only child at college for her freshman year."

That child, Nina, hails from Los Angeles and is a member of the college's Class of 2025. 

An earlier tweet, posted June 19, by actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, shared a photo of Yankovic standing below the marquee of the Images Cinema on Spring Street in Williamstown. Above, the movie house marquee was advertising a run of Miranda's "In the Heights."

"Woke up to a text from a friend," the post said, apparently referring to the selfie shared with him by Yankovic. "8 year old me can't believe who sent it, 19 year old me can't believe what's on the marquee, old-ass me is grateful grateful grateful."

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