STOCKBRIDGE — The Community Preservation Committee will hold a public informational hearing in the Community Room of Town Hall this Wednesday at 6 p.m. The committee invites comments on the needs, possibilities and resources of the town. Members will answer questions on the group's mission, guidelines and the protocol for submitting proposals.

The CPC was established after Stockbridge adopted the Community Preservation Act by ballot referendum in 2002 to oversee grants from the Community Preservation Fund. The committee is authorized to make recommendations to the annual town meeting, which must approve all expenditures. The funds are collected by the town and combined with available state funds. As one of the early signatories, Stockbridge has received more than $2 million in matching state funds since 2002.

The Committee will reviewing projects designed to create/sustain affordable housing; restore historic buildings and sites; enhance outdoor recreation and to protect open space. Priority will be given to “green” projects.

Copies of the committee's Request for Proposals and submission guidelines are at the Selectmen’s office at Town Hall or at