Our Opinion: Too many casinos spoil the windfall

When Claude Rains' Captain Renaud closes down Rick's in "Casablanca" he professes to be "shocked" that gambling has been going on — and then collects his winnings. Gambling advocates in …

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Dr. Claudia M. Gold: Barnstorming for Buttigieg GREAT BARRINGTON — Just six months earlier, most of us had never heard of Pete Buttigieg. Following separate and unique paths, we each came to recognize the extraordinary gift he, together with …
Letter: Student journalists do important work To the editor:I write to invite all to join me in celebrating the Year of the Student Journalist. According to the Student Press Law Center, "Brave, dedicated student journalists report important …
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Podcast | Don Morrison commentary: Requiem for a whistleblower

Don sends greetings from Paris, where he just encountered an interesting historical parallel to current events. Don Morrison, who produces his eponymous Don Morrison Commentary, is an author, …

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Letter: Criminal in chief can't dodge crimes To the editor: I think I may have figured out Trump's strategy. Every time more evidence comes out about his criminal actions he throws out some other so-called conspiracy that he picks off the …
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To the editor:Both the Brien Center in North Adams and in Pittsfield have been Godsends. As a mother of a mentally ill adult, I had to deal with severe psychotic episodes for several months until … more
To the editor:On the highly unlikely probability that the Senate will impeach President Trump, do you think we will go back to the pre-Trump days? Do you think we will trust the elite political … more
To the editor:I want to thank all of the veterans for their service to the United States of America. My father, Joseph G. Maciora (1921-1998), was a WW II veteran of the US Army Air Corps which … more
To the editor:There have been many letters opposing the return of horse racing to Great Barrington, including some from out of town. Here is one for it.I have been a resident of Great Barrington … more
To the editor: I'm writing to express my concern about horse racing to return to Great Barrington. There are so many reasons why it would cause problems, from pollution of the ground and water to … more
To the editor:Advocates have made a strong case for identifying solutions to growing rural transit shortcomings. Soon the East/West Rail Study Committee will vote to pare down from six to three final … more
To the editor:In his letter to The Berkshire Eagle of Nov. 7 ("Hold insurers accountable for surprise medical bills"), Paul Hopkins correctly points out that patients often receive unexpected bills … more
To the editor:The Deep State conspiracy theory could explain a lot. But narratives that seem too good to be true deserve a second look.Human nature being what it is, please be skeptical of any … more
To the editor:Dear Eagle owners, editors, reporters and columnists: I was going to use my old electric typewriter to write this letter but I think a love letter should be written by hand. I am 92 … more
To the editor:President Trump opposes California's auto emission standards which are the least to be pursued in support of the climate change urgencies of our day. Further, he is withdrawing our … more

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