Dana Milbank: Trump and MLK bore some striking similarities WASHINGTON — Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a moment when we pause to recall the contribution the great civil rights leader made toward the universal cause of building a wall along the …
Chan Lowe cartoons and columns
Chan Lowe: The skills of yore are scarce this Yule PITTSFIELD — Since this is the season of buying and giving, it's appropriate to opine on what has happened over the years to our expectations and the quality of the stuff we purchase.My hobby …
Letters to the editor
Letter: Let's do climate control right for new Wahconah Regional High To the editor:A better headline for The Eagle's Jan. 16 story regarding Wahconah Regional High School in Dalton would have been, "The five Dalton Select Board members don't give the voters enough …
More Opinions
To the editor:This is not Trump's wall, it's America's security wall. If security and protection are not important to you, prove it by taking the doors off your homes. I haven't yet seen this on any … more
To the editor: Bravo to the young activists who are challenging their leaders — and the rest of us — to take immediate action on the climate crisis (https://bit.ly/2HlXqDj). Will Governor … more
To the editor:Since Monday was MLK Day, I thought I'd say something. What he would say and do about the government shutdown is an item to consider. I think MLK would say to his close friends that … more
To the editor:I've always liked the word, "asset." It has a positive ring to it. If you have assets, then that's a good thing. But here in 2019 the word has suddenly taken on a negative connotation. … more
To the editor:As the partial government shutdown drags into its second month, President Trump continues to hold hundreds of thousands of government workers hostage to his demand for cash to build a … more
To the editor:The Berkshire Eagle's preoccupation with marijuana businesses opening in the county is over the top. Your coverage is giddy and lopsided. Day after day, the front page heralds pot shops … more
To the editor:Without a doubt, Trump's behavior and comments are not something that most Americans have experienced from any previous administration regardless of party. It does not stretch one's … more
To the editor:As a passenger rail advocate it is very heartening to see the serious support for east-west rail in Massachusetts. I think that the MassDOT study is off to a good start — yet … more
To the editor:The Catholic Church is in crisis. Jesus Christ founded the Church more than 2,000 years ago. He experienced a brutal death to allow us to have eternal life. The Church is strong. Truth, … more
To the editor:Isn't it sad and tragic that while there are so many TV commercials appealing for financial help in supporting animal shelters there are no commercials appealing for money to support … more

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