Our Opinion: Go Green Month sows promising seeds

Americans live in a culture where the term "disposable" is often synonymous with "convenient," and convenience is a major factor we consider when purchasing a product of any kind. Unfortunately, …

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Letter: ER-BMC patient grateful for kind care To the editor:Sunday morning, March 10, I arrived by ambulance at the BMC Emergency Department with the flu and extreme difficulty with breathing. It was terrifying. My first "thank you" goes to Lisa …
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To the editor:This is follow-up on Alan Chartock's recent "Fuss Over Flyer" column.I recently sent a letter to Sen. Hinds' office suggesting that a possible alternative or addition to the "Berkshire … more
To the editor:The Pittsfield plastic bag ban troubles me. I am all for protecting our environment and can afford to buy paper bags and reusable bags if I need to. But my concern is for the … more
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To the editor:I am as opposed to and disgusted by the ethical and moral and attitudinal transgressions of the "divider in chief" as anyone but I do not want impeachment. Investigate and expose, yes! … more
To the editor:Pittsfield Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jason McCandless' proposed budget of almost $3.5 million over the current year's budget for city schools from the state allotment to Pittsfield … more

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