Our Opinion: Kunin's return visit should be interesting

Immigrant. Governor of Vermont. International ambassador. Madeleine Kunin has forged a remarkable path, one that took her through Pittsfield.A 1952 graduate of Pittsfield High School, Ms. Kunin left …

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Don Morrison: Slow down, you’re goin’ too fast When I was 8 years old, my mom and dad were zipping down a country road in their shiny new Buick when the right front tire blew. The car veered off the pavement and landed upside down at the bottom of an embankment. They were hospitalized for weeks. I was traumatized for life.
Edward Udel: Honesty and the cycle of violence DALTON — Lashing out against a society he despised, Alceste, the protagonist of Moliere's farce, "The Misanthrope," used honesty as a blunt weapon. As a result, he felt the scorn of those he …

Podcast | Don Morrison commentary: The plot against America

Finally, a conspiracy theory you can believe in. Don Morrison, who produces his eponymous Don Morrison commentary, is an author, lecturer, member of The Berkshire Eagle's Advisory Board, a …

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Letter: DOT should cut Algerie Rd. option To the editor: On Oct. 2 at 3 p. m. at 270 Main Street in Lenox, the state DOT will give its long awaited answer when DOT planners will present their recommendations to community leaders as to which …
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To the editor:Readers, if you are concerned about licensing drivers who are "undocumented aliens," you might ask a few questions before taking sides.For starters, do you know what a Real ID is? I've … more
To the editor:The construction of a new turnpike exit between Lee and Westfield will do way more harm than good. More car and truck traffic, more noise, more exhaust fumes. Can't deny that. Becket … more
To the editor: On Thursday, during Pittsfield's Third Thursday event, the Elizabeth Freeman Center will be sponsoring Walk a Mile 2019, the annual march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender … more
To the editor: I am looking forward to the Young at Heart Chorus appearance at the Colonial Theater at 4 on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 22. The group was last in Pittsfield a few years ago and attracted … more
To the editor:Children should experience many happy moments in their young lives. However, many children are indirect victims of domestic violence, resulting in very unhappy moments. Estimates are … more
To the editor:It seems to me Dr. Kanarek's defense of Chabad's plan to knock down Cozy Nook is beside the point ("Criticism of house destruction had worrisome connotations," Eagle, Sept. 12).Cozy … more
To the editor:A letter some time ago defending the salary of a college professor inspired me to dig a bit. At Patch, I learned 95 of the 100 highest state earners are at UMass. And many are … more
To the editor:An oped commentary recently appeared in The Eagle saying how removing the Mill Street dam will allow the Housatonic River to "flow freely." "Mill St. dam removal a boost for Housatonic … more
To the editor: Berkshire Eagle reporter Larry Parnass deserves high praise for his reportage on the crumbling infrastructures in Berkshire County, namely the bridges in dire need of repair in towns … more
To the editor:Rep. Farley-Bouvier's bill on letting illegal immigrants obtain a valid driver license is absurd. They enter this country illegally by sneaking under and over the border and they drive … more

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