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As our great country hurtles toward the election, the covidious man in the White House becomes more and more addled, making more and more hateful, racist statements that belie belief in a country dedicated to democracy and freedom for all. Trump rants and raves; he snipes and sneers; he derides and disparages.

For the last painful four years we have observed Trump’s attempt to establish some sort of working “something.” It definitely is not a government. He appointed people to positions for which they were not qualified, surely expecting them to do his bidding. If they didn’t, they were summarily whisked out the door — shades of his TV performance.

These political appointees, some of whom were hired to dismantle the assigned department, tended to come from the business world, the world of the bottom line, cutting corners, net profit, profit, profit. Now we learn Covidious Don is a terrible businessman himself, his debt reported to be over a billion dollars (!!!) to say nothing about what he owes in back taxes. Let’s hope that trustworthy government officials have slapped his hand as he reaches deep into our Treasury.

Trump has issued one executive order after another. All are focused on undoing the necessary protections — for you and me, for our descendants, for the environment — that were solidly in place, conscious legislation made after thoughtful research by experts, scientists, economists, health workers, professors and teachers. His executive orders specify the undoing of anything that Barack Obama had managed to do. Trump rules by revenge and spite.

No office has been spared convoluted and confusing direction from the top. Unmasking his true self, he cocks a snook at the CDC, at Dr. Fauci, at WHO and at those who have died, at those who have suffered through COVID-19 along with their relatives. This from the unmasked man who suffered a bout of COVID-19?

Within the law-enforcement area, he has besieged the management and focus of the FBI, CIA, ICE, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security while praising the Proud Boys and those unmarked and unnamed storm troopers. He has belittled generals and honest-to-God peace officers.

Trump continues to stymie the aspirations of beleaguered ordinary people and those in need by decimating the Department of Education, Department of Labor, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

As for his protecting our environment — fuhget about it! He has befogged and beclouded the workings of the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Academy of Science and even the National Weather Service. He has yet to understand the gravity of climate change even though it is happening before our eyes.

Trump has turned us from a leading global force into a benighted country humiliated by the world’s pity and laughter. While cozying up to dictators, he undermines our Foreign Service, our State Department, the United Nations and even our allies in NATO.

Trump has besmeared the disabled, fallen soldiers, the standing army, veterans and even those now serving overseas. He has sneered at Blacks, Muslims, Jews and Mexicans. He is utterly offensive to women. He encourages the separation of immigrant families and the caging of their children. He derides mayors, governors, legislators, judges and elected officials who have opposing opinions. Trump rules by ridicule.

Trump is marginalizing us all as he tries to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, the Fair Housing Authority and now the Post Office. He even defunded Head Start, a very important educational program that worked and cost the government little compared to all his grandiose grandstanding. The cost of his golfing and visits to Mar-a-Lago — or maybe his taxes — could have funded this program for years.

Trump is besotted with himself and betrays his oath of office (i.e., us or even capitalized the U.S.), day in and day out. And rumor has it he will do just about anything to steal this election. The California Republican Party has admitted to placing false ballot boxes in key places, perhaps so they can throw those ballots away. This isn’t bordering on criminal — this is criminal. Trump constantly besmirches the Democratic Party in Congress and anywhere. He attacks and tries to defund programs in blue states as if he is allowed to pick and choose and punish those he doesn’t like. Trump rules by resentment.

Trumper Republicans have the audacity to rush to confirm his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, when these self same legislators refused Obama the confirmation of Merrick Garland a year before the election so the conservative Republicans could stack the court. Fair play to them means anything goes, no matter how bemired in insidiousness.

Trump disregards the scientific method, the rule of law and ignores those freedoms guaranteed by our First Amendment. His nominee, Ms. Barrett, brilliant though she may be, is a teacher of constitutional law, and could or would not answer questions on the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment: Freedom of speech, of the press, of the right to assembly, of religion and, lastly, the right to petition. These are freedoms that have made our country great, a light unto nations — freedoms that Trump has trod over, stomped on and ridiculed.

So we all must vote in this very contentious election. Take a drive around and note all the political signs decorating grassy verges and people’s lawns. Whenever I pass through the village of East Chatham with its flurry of lawn signs, I shake my head as I see my favorite sign, a bright yellow one surrounded by a forest of Trump signs that states: “He is the 45th Greatest President that we have ever had.” That sums it up, doesn’t it? Here is a Trumper who doesn’t realize that his sign proclaims that Trump is the worst president ever.

For four years we have endured an era of absolute confusion steeped in hatred, resentment and racism. Trump rules by ridicule, resentment and revenge and is decimating democracy. He has befouled his oath of office. Now more than ever, we need for him to be gone.

Clellie Lynch is a regular Eagle contributor.


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