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It's always a good time to support critical community efforts against food insecurity, but this weekend will make for a particularly good opportunity for our Berkshire community to bounce back from last year's lower donations and show the people who operate and patronize local food pantries that we have their backs in this time of increasing need.

To some opposed to development proposals like the campground on relatively small pieces of the Glen, the seemingly sudden pace of progress over the last year might seem too quick or overwhelming. But the best way to show that the grand plan is progressing responsibly and sustainably is to ensure the commission tasked with overseeing that development has a clear mandate and reasonable parameters.

We've used this space far more than we'd prefer to lament the seemingly insurmountable infrastructure woes facing Berkshire towns and cities. From perilous potholes to crumbling sidewalks, these cracks in the very foundations of our communities not only frustrate our daily lives but increase risks to our public safety, too.

Letters to the Editor


It’s always the big question, when you move to a new home: What are the neighbors like? Noisy, nosy, quiet, friendly? Furry, feathery, carnivorous, vegetarian?

Things to do this week in Berkshire County

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