Despite a rocky rollout, Massachusetts’ COVID vaccination campaign appears to be on the right track. By the end of the week, the Bay State will likely pass the significant mile marker of 2 million fully vaccinated residents. The commonwealth is also the first state with a population of at le…

When COVID turned the world upside down last year, municipal governance didn’t stop, but it did have to adapt. That adaptation could be key to making local democracy more accessible — even after we hopefully leave this pandemic in the rearview mirror.

On Friday afternoon, violence again shook the U.S. Capitol when a motorist rammed his car into a manned barricade, hitting two police officers. One of those officers, a man who spent 18 years guarding our most sacred democratic institutions, gave his life.

Quickly mass-producing and widely distributing a vaccine that’s effective against a novel viral pandemic is a herculean task that, fortunately, the U.S. has largely accomplished. While we’ve overcome many of the practical hurdles, we still face an intangible obstacle that continues to trip u…

Amid COVID’s dark clouds, one silver lining for the Berkshires has been the early signs of much-needed growth for the region. The Eagle editorial board has suggested steps local and regional leaders should take to make the most of this trend. But Berkshire communities must also take care to …

For many, a return to a “normal” summer in the Berkshires can’t be complete without the singular experience of enjoying a concert at Tanglewood. It’s a treasure we had to sacrifice last year amid the coronavirus crisis — but now there is hope that we might enjoy it once again soon enough.

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To the editor: This past two months, a group of parishioners from the First Congregational Church North Adams has been reading and meeting to discuss Carol Anderson’s "White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide." It is an intensely powerful exploration of the multiple, self-consciou…

To the editor: In response to a second letter deflecting Republican responsibility for the insurrection and the claim "the democrats/left media fabricated an intentionally inflammatory narrative" ("Letter: I believe the left is lying about Jan. 6," Eagle, April 15) may I remind the writer th…


I don’t care how you pronounce it, you can’t have a garden without that luscious, juicy fruit. I can skip the cabbage, the kohlrabi and the radishes. I can omit the onions, the garlic and the rutabaga. Give me a plot full of tomatoes and I will be in garden nirvana.

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