A teachable moment lost

To the editor:

“Socialism can mean good government.” That should have been the headline of Timothy Sullivan’s letter to the editor (Eagle, Nov. 20) not “Threat of socialism to our country.”

Or was the headline meant to be sarcastic? If so, I fear many might have missed that intent. If meant seriously, I submit the following.

What is the “threat” from the state and federally funded programs he referenced, like public schools, Medicare and the EPA ? They are considered “good government programs,” societal programs available to all. As a matter of fact, they are known as “socialist” programs by almost every country but ours.

Sadly, that inappropriate “Threat ...” headline will reinforce all the misinformation, “fake news,” and fear surrounding the word “socialism.” Might this be an opportunity for The Eagle to explain “socialism,” “communism,” “capitalism,” words misunderstood by many?

Thank you for considering that suggestion.

Judith Grinnell, North Adams