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To the editor: On Sunday, March 19, in the parking lot of St. Stanislaus in Adams, an African-American woman sitting in a car with two toddlers was threatened by a white man who pulled up next to her car, rolled down his window, extended his arm and made the gesture of shooting a pistol at her.

To the editor: I’d like to applaud the letter that appeared Wednesday ("Letter: The justice system is missing in action when it comes to Trump") both decrying the fact that justice has not yet been served in regards to the lengthy list of wrongdoings by Donald Trump.

To the editor: I am still laughing after reading the "Inventory of women’s handbags" on the Wednesday Eagle's Page 2 historical articles space. ("Eagle Archives, March 22, 1960: Inventory of women's handbags 'proves' they're loaded with 'necessary' items."


Cell service is itself a public health issue, though not just in the way tower opponents claim it is. If police or firefighters cannot make or receive emergency cellphone calls from huge swaths of a town in the 21st century, that is a public health problem. If residents who live in those coverage gaps lose power and are cut off from the outside world, as they were in the recent nor'easter, that is a public safety issue.

At the darkest hour in the toughest conditions, these Southern Berkshire emergency responders embodied the grit and bravery sometimes required to answer the call of duty. Last week, that call beckoned from within a storm that could stop a snowmobile in its tracks — but it couldn't stop these rescuers. For that, they have our sincere gratitude.


For hundreds of years, Moscow surrounded itself with satellite countries run by obsequious rulers. From the Soviet days, think of Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and East Germany. Now, in a tale of changing places, Russia is emerging as an economic satellite of China.

Meteorologists are reporting about it. Calendars proclaim it. Even the birds are chirping about it (much too early in the morning and too loudly, I might add). Spring. Spring. Spring. Sorry, I can’t get on that particular bandwagon — not when the snow in my backyard is still over the tops of my boots.

For 55 years, my wife and I have been living in a rent-controlled apartment in Greenwich Village. It has allowed us to live comfortably, while many other renters in our income bracket have been painfully priced out of the area by exorbitant rents. Obviously, I am a proponent of rent control and would like it continued and expanded. But it’s not only self-interest that motivates me.

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