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To the editor: Contrary to The Eagle's editorial ("Our Opinion: Monterey paid for an investigative report; officials shouldn't just sweep it under the rug," Eagle, May 7), the investigator's report on Monterey was not swept under the rug.

To the editor: We know that the bottle bill works. When the bill was first adopted and it covered most containers for sale in Massachusetts, the majority of those containers were recycled.

To the editor: Lifelong Lenox resident Terry “T-Bone” Field lost his courageous battle with health issues. Lenox lost a true friend.

To the editor: There has been much talk recently about critical race theory and replacement theory, both based in their own way on fact.

To the editor: For those who can’t or don’t want to delay the first mowing of their lawn, I suggest that you consider raising your mower to 4 inches or higher.

To the editor: Prior to my retirement in 2020, I worked as a nurse for 46-plus years at the North Adams Regional Hospital (presently part of Berkshire Health Systems) and six years as a clinical nursing instructor for Berkshire Community College.


Our landscape is our most abundant natural resource, and preserving it is an American tradition. So is fostering the public’s access to and enjoyment of these most pristine parcels. That is the beauty of preserving open space and public land, even as it requires considerable investment and c…


A weird thing about rock music in arenas is that it's hard to proclaim yourself as downtrodden rebels standing up to the man when you're playing to a crowd of thousands who have paid over $100 per ticket to see you.

As Russia bombs Ukraine’s railroad network, Moscow knows what will come down the tracks this summer: $54 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine. Approved by the U.S. Senate on Thursday, this aid is 200 times larger than last year’s aid of $275 million.

I have recently been thinking about the current state of Greenwich Village, where my wife and I have chosen to live for more than 50 years. It has been a long time to live in one place, and we have witnessed many changes over the years from what was then at first a reasonably priced neighbor…

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