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To the editor: The season for snow-blowing has arrived and I'd like to remind drivers to be cognizant of people clearing their driveways.

To the editor: I just read the story about the Hoosac Valley kindergartners telling us how to cook a turkey.

To the editor: I read in The Berkshire Eagle a summary of the Pittsfield City Council meeting which took place Nov. 23, and again no mention of what is being done to help the homeless.

To the editor: It is my impression as a naturalized citizen from Europe (where I endured Hitler’s regime as a youngster) that only quite a few U.S.-born citizens really know the history and meaning of the much celebrated Thanksgiving day.

To the editor: In a recent article about the arrest of a Pittsfield man for possession of child pornography ("Pittsfield man arrested after Google tip," Eagle, Nov. 22), I am once again taken aback by the terminology used to describe these despicable acts.

To the editor: Most of us are celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family members, and enjoying bountiful meals, but what about approximately 160,000 families of active-duty military personnel who cannot afford to feed their families?


The Massachusetts House appears to be taking a small step toward normalcy with the chamber’s leaders rolling out a plan that would see staff begin to return to in-person work at the Statehouse next month. Better late than never, and while we would prefer to see the only state capitol on the …


America is watching the erosion of its norms and standards. The undoing of the rules of acceptable behavior. No matter how shocking to watch, it is more shocking that there are no consequences. The presence of one — purposefully misinforming, blatantly undermining our institutions, threateni…

Things to do this week in Berkshire County

Things to do this week in Berkshire County

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