To the editor: After reading the article about the Williamstown police officer who had a picture of Hitler hanging in his locker, I am highly offended. ("Hitler photo ‘highly offensive,’ Williamstown’s top board says. But it lacks power to fire him," Eagle, Sept. 1)

Officer Craig Eichhammer should be dismissed after showing his anti-Semitic attitude. My father and my two uncles were Holocaust survivors, as I have written about to The Eagle in prior letters to the editor.

It is too bad that this officer can't be dismissed. Pictures of Hitler, especially in a place where it is visible to other people, are not a joke.

In my experience, I have seen many cases of prejudice, ranging from movies depicting it to George Floyd's murder.

My Uncle Israel, who passed away in 2007, told me that with many Holocaust survivors going to their heavenly reward, it is up to the subsequent generations to not forget. One good fact is that in public schools and colleges and universities across our country there are courses offered on the Holocaust.

Education is the key to solving the dilemma; how do we not forget? My heritage does not come into consideration very much, but every now and then I see and hear some situation that brings it all back.

So, Officer Eichhammer, hanging a picture of Hitler in your locker is not a joke. You are lucky that the village of Williamstown cannot fire you.

Diane Ditman, Pittsfield

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Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.