To the editor: I am not a Dalton resident, but I did work as the town planner in Dalton for more than four years.

I served the residents and worked collaboratively with other town officials and the Select Board. I am very familiar with how things are being run. I resigned and my last day for the town was March 19.

If I were a Dalton resident, I would make inquiries and public records requests on issues that were important to me. I would ignore social media and go to the public meetings and see for myself who is in control and what is going on. Most of all, I would talk to the administration about their happiness as an employee. Dalton employees are public servants just like Select Board members and deserve to be treated with respect.

The town of Dalton needs transparency and the ability to move projects along in an orderly fashion. There should be a leader that can communicate with residents and employees, and be a voice for change. That leader is John Roughley. He has been a lifelong resident of Dalton, and a dedicated Dalton employee for almost 10 years. He has the experience, the drive and the vision for positive change. There is no one better to serve as a member of the Select Board than someone with institutional knowledge. The only way for things to change is to cast your vote for John Roughley.

Rebecca Slick, Pittsfield