To the editor: In response to the reprinted story from 1961 (“Eagle Archives, Jan. 6, 1961: A little lady down at Highland School sets some kind of record for authors,” Eagle, Jan. 6), I would like to reply: I’m still here.

Thanks for selecting this article, which elicited delighted and humorous responses from friends and family. I am glad to report that I did not become a writer of fairy tales, but rather I put my education to good use by writing some 190 scientific articles as a plant ecologist and professor. I have my teachers to thank, from Mrs. Ferguson and others at Highland School (now Capeless Elementary School) through Pittsfield High School for teaching me writing and other skills I needed to be successful in my career.

After leaving Pittsfield for my university education and spending much of my university career in California, I am now pleased to spend summers and falls of my post-retirement years back in the Berkshires, and have become a regular reader of The Eagle again.

Edith Bach Allen, Riverside, Calif.

The writer owns a home in Lenox.