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Letter: A response to a broadside against liberals

To the editor: A recent letter to the editor from a Trump loyalist asked what happened to liberals who all seem to have turned into socialists and Marxists. ("Letter: Voters like me know Joe Biden is incompetent," Eagle, March 17.)

I know that Fox News and Newsmax talking points require the use of the terms “socialist,” “Marxist” and “woke” whenever referring to folks they disagree with, but they never really make an effort to ask progressive voters what we seek and where we can find common ground, so let me suggest some ideas for discussion. Here’s what I believe:

All American citizens have the right to vote in free and fair elections and the vote of one citizen should not count more than another.

The United States needs to create a clear, transparent immigration system to allow asylum-seekers and refugees to join our society.

Individual rights extend to our right to determine our own health care decisions without government interference.

The use of dangerous and deadly weaponry should require training and licensing.

There is no legitimate civilian use for high-powered machine guns.

What makes America great is the separation of church and state.

Americans were generally better-off, financially, during a time when manufacturing was not off-shored, CEOs weren’t paid 400 times what the average worker made and companies put producing quality products and services above shareholder value.

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live on and eat food grown in clean soil.

All people should have equal access to a fair and just criminal justice system regardless of race or gender.

All Americans should have access to quality health care without risk of bankruptcy.

Critical thinking and a deep understanding of all aspects of U.S. and world history will make us better citizens.

Money corrupts politics.

I will vote for the candidates who embrace those values, independent of political party.

Andrea Sholler, Stockbridge

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