5 Corners Roundabout

MassHighway is proposing the installation of a rotary or roundabout at Five Corners in Williamstown, seen here from Bloedel Park on Route 7 or Cold Spring Road on Thursday.

To the editor: I concur with Jeanne Marklin’s letter that a roundabout at the Five Corners intersection in South Williamstown is an overdue solution to a serious traffic safety problem.

Before moving, I had driven through that dangerous intersection for more than 20 years during my daily commute to work, and was continuously appalled at the reckless speed with which drivers blow through it. However, I would like to remind readers that it would be dangerous to “look [only] in one direction” when entering a roundabout, as Ms. Marklin has recommended.

Cars and trucks are not the sole users of public roads. Pedestrians, runners and people in wheelchairs must also be taken into account, especially where there are no sidewalks, as is the case at Five Corners. Just yesterday, I was running on the shoulder of North Street in Pittsfield when a driver made a right turn on red without stopping or looking to his right and nearly ran me over. Similarly, not looking in both directions before entering a roundabout puts everyone at risk.

D. Erik Forsberg, North Adams