To the editor: Recently, a group of people gathered outside Berkshire Gas to demand Berkshire Gas submit a proposal that is “all-electric, safe and affordable for all.” ("Protesters call for Berkshire Gas to move off fossil fuels. The company called police," Eagle, Nov. 17.) 

Currently, only 16 percent of all homes in Massachusetts heat with electricity. Just over half of the homes in our state use gas for this purpose. The remainder is with oil and wood.

There is a reason why people use gas to heat their homes: It’s cheaper and a lot cleaner than other fossil fuels.

Years ago, I remember my grandmother paying a fortune to heat her home with electricity. She could only afford to heat one room in the house, and was paying more to heat that room than our family paid to heat an entire house.

Geothermal energy is another expensive way to heat your home. I truly believe that people should be free to choose how they heat their home, not have it forced on them by a vocal minority of activists that try to publicize their cause.

John DiTomasso, Peru