To the editor: I recall that each of the Republican and Democratic presidents dating as far back to Harry S. Truman demonstrated in their own style an acceptable level of leadership and competency.

The news media reported, generally and somewhat accurately, the happenings of the day.

Regrettably, we are now in a downward spiral of sophisticated incompetency both in our national leadership and in the fake news media. Those who rely heavily on the news media are proverbially walking and whistling in the dark, feeling somewhat secure and comfortable.

Meanwhile, our president enjoys a self-deprecating melancholy as he waits, eagerly, to receive his "cheat sheets" of instructions from his progressive handlers. Occasionally, he awakens to propagate a reinforcement of some COVID-19 fearmongering to maintain control of his dedicated followers. The U.S. deserves much better.

I also read letters to the editor and find it rich that, after four years of every manner of divisive criticism being leveled against President Donald Trump, writers now say it's time for unity and collegiality. If you live in "realville," that's not likely to happen.

The 74 million-plus people who voted for President Trump are not going to just dismiss the treatment he received. Phony Russian accusations, impeachment and the list goes on.

I suspect that when they pull out the jeweler's loupe and look at shady voting allegations, it won't be enough to change the results, but this wished-for coming together is a pipe dream.

Thomas D. Gilardi, Pittsfield