To the editor: My last letter was published in early March and now this is a follow-up to the story about how I was passed over for receiving a vaccine on Feb. 27 as a companion to my husband.("Letter: Made the right moves, yet the vaccination was denied," Eagle, March 6.)

I tried and failed to secure an appointment on my own until I received an email from someone at Berkshire Regional Planning Commission on March 4. I was invited to register for a Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinic at Berkshire Community College for March 9 from 2 to 7 p.m. This email was sent only to the companions who were denied shots on Feb. 27. Apparently, if I didn't quickly sign up, on Saturday the clinic registrations would open up to the general public.

I feel the need to confess that I jumped the gun a bit, complaining about how I was refused the shot as a companion to my husband. The people running the Pfizer clinic on Feb. 27 promised us companions that a special opportunity would be set up for us soon, and told us to just watch our emails. Sure enough, they came through, and with the vaccine that only required one dose. The side effects hit me hard, personally, but at least I do not need another injection.

Thank you to the people running the BCC operation. You really did keep your word.

Wendy Clothier, Pittsfield