To the editor: This is a note of gratitude for Leo Goldberger's Nov. 26 letter “At risk of losing democracy.”

In it, he speaks of the increasing hatred for and lies about "the other" in America and the fearful impact it will have on everyone’s lives “if things continue as dangerously as it seems right now.” Mr. Goldberger’s prescient words also remind us of the clear parallels to Hitler’s time and our own troubled time. It is now — before it’s too late — our responsibility to contemplate this growing reality and to be the agents for turning things around.

And for all who are concerned about the future of our unfinished democracy in America (and everywhere), I recommend that there may be no better prompt for action than an urgent reading of the human stories in Milton Mayer’s timeless book "They Thought They Were Free: The Germans 1933-45."

Samuel W. Smith, Williamstown