To the editor: If you work for General Dynamics, Valero, FedEx, UPS or Home Depot, I have shocking news.

Since the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, each of these companies have made direct financial contributions to dozens of Republican officials who voted to bring into question the votes of their own constituents in service to the "big lie." Of these, Valero and General Dynamics number in the top five corporate donors to those who objected to the election and the party committees supporting them.

Furthermore, these employers have also made financial contributions to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the main fundraising vehicle for the Republican caucus of the House of Representatives. Two-thirds of House Republicans, including Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., voted against certifying the Electoral College on Jan. 6. Aside from supporting candidates who made those infamous votes, the NRCC supports other extremist Republican congressional candidates. One shocking example is Ohio Republican congressional candidate J.R. Majewski, who attended and in fact helped to organize the Jan. 6 rally. Majewski is strongly associated with Q-Anon, an extremist conspiracy theory that motivated many insurrectionists to commit crimes. The NRCC has honored Majewski by naming him to its Young Guns program which “helps equip Republican candidates across the country with the tools they need to run winning campaigns.” To leave no doubt about its views about the 2020 election, the NRCC is selling a mug that says, “Trump was right. I know it. You know it. They know it.”

By making political contributions to these candidates and the NRCC, your employers are telling you that their narrow corporate interests are more important than your right to have your vote counted. Maybe you should talk to them about it.

Kevin Thomas, North Adams