To the editor: The 2020 elections drew the greatest voter turnout in more than 20 years — more than 75 percent in most towns in the Berkshires.

Starting in May, a new election cycle is upon us. The issues may not be sweeping across the daily headlines; they may not seem as significant in scope, but they are compelling locally.

It is vital that we registered voters take part in the immediate issues at each level of government by attending town meetings and voting in every local election. We urge you to make sure you are registered to vote, know what issues and positions are at stake and make plans to attend town meetings and vote in local elections. Make sure your voice is heard.

The League of Women Voters has put together a list of Berkshire town meetings and elections with as many details as are available. May looks to be a very busy month.

May elections: Adams, Cheshire on May 3; Monterey, May 4; Hancock, Lenox, Windsor on May 10; Egremont, Great Barrington, Williamstown on May 11; Becket, May 15; Lee, Sandisfield on May 17; Alford, Stockbridge on May 18; Richmond, May 22; and Clarksburg, Otis on May 25.

June elections: Florida, June 19; Hinsdale, Peru on June 12.

We urge town clerks to get the word out on dates for registering and voting. Look up your town calendars for more details. Vote.

Jeanne Kempthorne, Pittsfield

Susan Morris, Stockbridge

The writers are membership co-chairs of the The League of Women Voters — Central Berkshire County.