To the editor: I have the privilege of knowing Jennifer Macksey both on a professional and personal basis.

I have had the honor of serving this great city for more than 32 years. I have seen its ups and downs, good and bad, positive and negative, trials and tribulations of the city I call home. However, through all of this, we always hold our heads high and continue to do what’s best for our city, its residents and the communities around us. Having known Jennifer for nearly 25 years she has the integrity, intelligence and strong municipal knowledge to hit the ground running Jan. 1, 2022.

I know Jennifer has a deep love and understanding of our city. Her passion and caring for our senior citizens, the hard-working men and women of our community and, one of the most important assets of this city, our children and their education and well being. We know there are some significant issues within this city: our crumbling infrastructure, failing water and sewer lines, roads, sidewalks, fire hydrants, public safety building, etc. Yes, there have been some improvements made to these issues, however there is much more that needs to be done. We all know that this type of comprehensive work can be costly. But if we start now, put a plan together and execute it, we will begin to make progress.

Of course, this will take to few years to complete; nothing happens overnight. However, I know that Jennifer is person that can find the funding, coordinate and execute a significant infrastructure improvement plan. I believe public safety and our schools are the backbone of this city. I know Jennifer has the ability, trust, understanding and communication skills to ensure that these important issues are always being improved, funded appropriately and maintained to the highest standards possible. Having worked with Jennifer, I have found her to have the ability to communicate and work very well with others. She listens to people, understands, and shows great empathy. She is a strong, no-nonsense woman, yet kind and understanding. In my opinion, her honesty, integrity, transparency, and love for this city is unquestionable. Please go out and vote for Jennifer Macksey for mayor on Nov. 2.

Michael Cozzaglio, North Adams

The writer is a former North Adams police chief.