Berkshire Bach Society grateful for $42K MCC grant

To the editor: The Berkshire Bach Society received $42,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Economic Recovery Funds.

This is very exciting news. Clearly, the MCC sees the value in supporting, at a serious level, a time-honored, well-run Bach Society in the Berkshires and wishes to help assure its future. The fact that our budget is a fraction of those recipients who were awarded $100,000 indicates a high level of regard by the MCC for our mission, our product and particularly the level of our musicianship.

On Jan. 11, The Eagle printed the story “Five cultural groups land $100,000 grants to offset losses,” comparing those to Berkshire Bach at $4,200 as the lowest recipient — a typo, to be sure, in case you missed it. If economy of scale were considered, it seems the big news is the recognition given to the Berkshire Bach Society.

Paula M. Hatch, Great Barrington

The writer is the executive director of the Berkshire Bach Society.