To the editor: I have read and reread the article in the Sept. 7 edition of your paper regarding the four-member neighborhood group suing the town of Richmond; the Select Board, individually and as group; and the Balderdash Cellars’ owners. ("Balderdash Cellars lawsuit going to trial over noise," Eagle, Sept. 7.)

I cannot believe this is going on. I have been a patron of Balderdash Cellars numerous times. This small group of lake shore residents’ claims are rather amusing, more like science fiction.

After hearing that a minority group of lake residences had complained about the noise, I took a ride to the boat ramp and could not confirm “the constant and insufferable noise” that was quoted by the attorney in the article. “The noise is incessant for these folks” was another quote by the attorney.

What I did hear were a few jets flying in and out of the Pittsfield airport, after which I had the pleasure of experiencing a CSX freight train come roaring by, shaking the earth. Perhaps this four-member group will go after CSX and the Pittsfield airport as their next target?

In closing, I find it very sad that some people can’t stand to see other people enjoying life. To me, a Berkshire resident, Balderdash is one of the county's gems.

It’s always a few people that ruin it for others.

Joseph Wilk, Cheshire