To the editor: Oh, how I long to be back in Massachusetts.

I am in Memphis, Tenn., for the winter while settling my mother's estate and it has been eye-opening and disheartening.

Among the repressive and regressive policies on display here:

1. A special session of the state Legislature to enact sweeping statewide laws to remove almost all COVID protection measures.

2. A constitutional amendment outlawing reproductive choice for women.

3. Spending $4,400 per pupil per year and introduced new funding formula that allows the state money to follow the students to private schools.

4. Passed a law that gives the state attorney general the authority to interfere and/or overturn a local prosecutor's decision.

5. Try 14-year-olds as adults.

6. Executing mentally challenged individuals.

7. A tax system named the most regressive in the United States.

8. Permit-free concealed gun-carrying.

9. A law that requires businesses to post a sign if they allow transgendered people to use their public bathrooms.

Tennessee is a hateful, punitive state to anyone without means. It is the opposite of good governing.

I have only lived in Massachusetts for four years now, but I consider myself lucky. I am proud to be a resident of a state that is the complete opposite of Tennessee. I cannot wait to be back home.

Nancy Stuart, Lee