To the editor: I am writing to share my perspective on the proposed development of the Dream Away property.

My husband and I bought land in Becket eight years ago. I know that makes us newcomers. We divide our time 50-50 between Becket and Arlington. I know that makes us part-timers. But we pay the same taxes on our property as everyone else. We buy our food at the Big Y and try to buy from local businesses and not big-box stores.

Those of us who live on County Road will be impacted by the proposed glamping development. ("Opponents of Becket ‘glamping’ project, their numbers growing, prepare to state their case," Eagle, May 10.) The increase of traffic on a virtual dead-end street is the major issue. We loved having the Dream Away up the street and though the traffic was a pain it was nothing compared to what is being proposed.

It is not clear what advantage there is for the town to support this project. If it is an increase in tax revenue, how much is that? If it is increasing the visibility of the town, how does that fit into a long-term strategic plan for Becket? There are too many optimistic estimates in this plan, and at the scale proposed I am not sure we would understand the impact on the aquifer and so many acres of forest until it is too late. If this is perceived as obstructionist or combative, I am sorry, but all property owners in Becket have a right to their opinions.

Marianne Adams, Becket