Fanto vs. Biden — some thoughts in reaction to column

To the editor: Clarence Fanto’s squabble with President Joe Biden’s immigration figures (“Talk about obfuscation at Biden news conference,” Eagle, March 27) makes me eager to encourage him to ask three questions.

1. What pushes so many immigrants out of their own lands? For openers, try looking at corruption, gang violence, rape, hurricane damage and coffee prices too low to allow farmers — particularly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — to have a life.

2. Why hasn’t Congress proposed an immigration plan? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to provide some aid designed to fix the problems than spend vast sums on only moderately useful walls? Must we always have hyper-partisan gridlock and always just blame whoever is president?

3. How are the illegal immigrants doing in the United States? I’ve heard that there are an estimated 11 million resident in the U.S., with a crime rate half of the rest of us. Some bad guys? Yes. A large threat? Unlikely.

Peter Frost, Williamstown