To the editor: On April 26, I returned from a 400-mile round trip to Franconia, N.H., to get my first COVID vaccine (Moderna).

As I was leaving for New Hampshire, I picked up my paper and found Gov. Charlie Baker enjoying a victory lap in Pittsfield for his administration's "efficient" rollout of COVID vaccines in Berkshire County. I add my voice to those of other recent letters to the editor. To try to get vaccinated in Berkshire County is a Kafkaesque joke.

I am 54 years old and I have been exploring all the online Massachusetts vaccine finders since April 19. Results: Nothing, no clinics to show. At last, thanks to the help of two very kind, very tired ladies fielding 211 calls about software glitches, I am fortunate to have a slot at Natick Mall — a mere 111 miles from Tyringham — at the end of May.

Meanwhile, at home, rumors and anecdotal tips circulate about possible vaccine availability. It reminds me of life in New York City in the 1980s where guys stood on street-corners whispering "smoke! smoke!" to hook people up with a joint. Charlie Baker must do better.

Amanda Hamilton, Tyringham