To the editor: I know that we are all grossed out by those spongy moth caterpillars that are eating our trees and generally making a mess on the ground, but here is some good news and some bad news.

Good news first: There are some critters that will eat them. Chipmunks, skunk, raccoons and squirrels will eat the pupa (caterpillars). Some birds will also eat them.

The bad news there is little we can do to control them, as they are all over this area. The bacillus that is recommended to kill them is also toxic to butterflies. While it is not supposed to be harmful to bees, we wonder what is killing our bees. We have six hives on our property in Lee. We rejoiced when the bees made it through winter successfully, and they have been healthy all spring. Suddenly, we have thousands upon thousands of dead bees every day.

We may lose all our hives. We need our pollinators. Please don’t spray toxic chemicals, as bees and butterflies travel miles for their food and water.

Joan Angelo, Lee