To the editor: It's been a bittersweet week in the town of Cheshire.

It was nice to see Mike Biagini get a pardon from Gov. Charlie Baker ("A Cheshire man’s youthful ‘tussle’ is forgiven. Officially. By the governor," Eagle, Nov. 22). I've dealt with Mike on various boards in town as well as a member of the Fire Department. He went about things the correct way, and it paid off for him.

The other event has to do with our town clerk ("Cheshire town clerk is fined for violating state's conflict of interest law in hiring," Eagle, Nov. 18). She is the most diligent, hard-working and underpaid municipal employee in the commonwealth. She may have made a slight digression under the ethics law, but the harshness of the fine seemed severe.

Don't the powers that be in Boston have bigger fish to fry? The clerk still has my support and backing. She has always been the utmost professional with any dealings regarding town government in Cheshire.

Joseph Wilk, Cheshire