To the editor: We are reminded by the 20-year anniversary of 9/11 that an enemy killed almost 3,000 Americans. We know we must not let down our guard in the future. Another enemy has entered our country and already killed more than 650,000 Americans, more than 18,000 in Massachusetts alone.

This enemy is among us and continues to wage war against us. Like the Department of Defense in a war against a human enemy, during an epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wages war against a disease. Both departments have the same mandate: protect our homeland and its citizens. Boards of health are the local command posts of the home guard.

The negatives of guns and masks are well understood, especially by veterans and hospital workers. Most of us recognize our responsibility, when the enemy is upon us, to take up our weapons in spite of their drawbacks. Masks, social distancing and vaccines are our weapons to defeat the enemy in a war against a disease.

It has come to our attention as director and chair of the Tri-Town Health Department that a resident of Stockbridge has been systematically spreading misinformation to undermine the directives of the boards of health and CDC.

In a war against a human enemy, such a person, who would tell you that your enemy was not so dangerous when that enemy had already killed 650,000 of your fellow citizens, or who would tell you to lay down your arms and not protect your fellow citizens against that enemy, would be imprisoned for treason, sedition or subversive activity.

We ask the responsible citizens of our communities to support their local boards of health and to deplore publicly the subversive behavior of this misguided individual.

Charles Kenny, M.D., Stockbridge

Jim Wilusz, Pittsfield

The writers are respectively, the chairman and director of the Tri-Town Health Department serving Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge.