To the editor: Here are 10 things for which nonprofit leaders can be grateful.

1. Your amazing staff, moving the mission forward every day.

2. Your board members, especially the ones who pick up tasks that would otherwise fall to you.

3. Volunteers, whether critical to the organization or simply a wonderful extra pair of hands.

4. Donors who graciously pay for programs and the staff to implement them.

5. Business supporters, sponsoring events that bring community together.

6. Local foundations and grant makers investing in your good work.

7. Other nonprofits, partnering so that the sum is greater than the parts.

8. Berkshire media for sharing your story with the community at large.

9. Technology — where would we be without Zoom?

10. Making a difference — a privilege as well as a sacrifice.

Liana Toscanini, Sandisfield

The writer is the founder of the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires.