To the editor: In response to the news about West Stockbridge being named one of Massachusetts newest “green communities,” I have a couple points I want to raise.

As an environmental science and policy major at Smith College, I find that everyone wants to be sustainable, but no one knows exactly how to do it. I do believe it is very important for the state to be designating “green communities,” this funding can act as the push many need to start moving in the direction of creating a more sustainable Berkshires, but the push should not stop there.

Some quick ways to be more sustainable in your own home or business can include things such as changing existing lightbulbs to LEDs, growing your own produce, backyard composting, walking instead of driving when possible. At the home level, these can be easy and quick changes to do your part in becoming a more sustainable place. When multiple households are able to make this switch and it catches on further, not only will West Stockbridge be a “green community,” but many other towns can begin to work their way there as well.

Switching to a “green community” does not have to happen just because the state government offered funding for new projects to kick start it; "green communities" can be driven by homeowners who make these simple sustainable changes that then multiply throughout the community.

Madison Blasin, Lee