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Letter: Guns, greed and politics leads to tragedies like Nashville

To the editor: Yet another school shooting. Three precious elementary school children and three staff in Nashville are the latest victims of this country’s insane gun policies.

Elected Republicans are eager to ban drag shows and books, but how many children have lost their lives due to books or drag queens? Guns are now the leading cause of death among our children. But will any elected Republican enact sane gun laws? God forbid — that’s against the “sacred” Second Amendment rights, and we all know that James Madison, George Washington and the other Founding Fathers would approve of the current open carry laws and would certainly agree that there is a right to own as many AR-15s as one wants even if it means that the average citizen is no longer safe anywhere and that sending our children to school has become very scary.

What is wrong with the Republicans in our government? How can any country survive when its elected officials whose primary responsibility is to protect its citizens refuse to do so? How many more children must be sacrificed on the altar of guns, greed and politics before we stop electing misguided and unqualified people to office?

Carole Ireland, Pittsfield

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