To the editor: The headline “Grappling with diversity” (Eagle e-edition extra, April 21) disturbed me.

Why do we continue to “grapple”? Have we just arrived on this planet? Then I read further. The Federal Reserve Bank boards are overwhelmingly white and male, but they say they are paying attention to their “analytics.”

I’m overwhelmingly disgusted that this situation exists at all. Southern police gassed, bashed and killed black Americans who wanted an equal education 65 years ago. Southern governors refused then — and some still refuse now — to accept even the theory of equal rights.

At 75, I am tired of white, male leaders saying that the “pipeline” is still not full of enough Black, Brown, mixed-race and humble-background people to allow representation on elite boards. This is nonsense. The 12 Federal Reserve Bank boards hold immense economic power over the financial systems that affect all of us. All of us. It is imperative now — not someday — that all the people are represented on all the boards of the Federal Reserve.

It is imperative now that we reject the concept that the elite, the white, the male, the well-born, have the natural right to rule over the “rest of us.”

Dianne Olsen, North Adams