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Letter: I found Otto's owners behavior toward upset customer unacceptable

To the editor: I write in reaction to the Jan. 19 Eagle article “Dispute ignites online food fight.”

Appalling doesn’t begin to cover how this entire situation was handled by the owners of Otto’s Kitchen and Comfort. The patrons who support your business are the backbone of your business. When we dine there we are supporting your employees and their families and are responsible for the owners' financial futures.

Calling one customer a vulgar name has the impact of calling all who walk through your doors the same.

To say you’re not your wait staff's parents and can’t suggest your “adult employees" apologize to your customers is totally unacceptable in my view, since all your employees represent your business.

If you truly believe patrons are no more than means to a paycheck, hold on because your livelihood will not overcome expressions of this horrendous attitude by owners Luke and Lindsey Marion.

We have eaten there several times and will not be going back.

Negative reviews should be something that helps a business grow, not to be worn on the T-shirts of wait staff as badges of honor.

Diane Gadson, Pittsfield

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