To the editor: Why are the people who call themselves "conservative" these days such suckers for conspiracies?

Donald Trump's lie about a "rigged" election is apparently believed by millions of gullible people, despite the fact that Trump clearly lies as often as he breathes. But it's not just Trump. With all the serious issues this country faces, Rob Grien ("Letter: Hunter Biden's art sales deserve more scrutiny," Eagle, Sept. 17) is upset because The Eagle isn't focused on Hunter Biden.

Apparently, Hunter painted some pictures that someone might actually want to buy. Hold the presses. This nonsensical right-wing obsession with someone as irrelevant as Hunter Biden is yet another bizarre feature of the conspiracy culture. I realize the Fox News crowd always needs another liberal boogieman to keep the flock riled up, but Hunter Biden? Really? It makes me nostalgic for Benghazi, which was on Fox 24/7 for months.

When that Ukrainian gas company put Hunter Biden on their board and paid him a lot of money, even though he was clearly unqualified, there's no doubt they were hoping the fact that his dad was VP might help them. My response: So what? If that gas company wants to throw away their money, that's their business. If you can prove the VP did something wrong as a favor to his son, let's hear about it. Otherwise, shut up already.

What about the hundreds, if not thousands, of former representatives and senators who become lobbyists and peddle their influence in Washington? That's more corrupt than anything Hunter Biden has ever done. So, if Mr. Grien wants to waste his valuable time chasing after Hunter Biden on some internet conspiracy site, well, knock yourself out. If you find proof of wrongdoing, be sure to let us all know. Meanwhile, people with common sense have more important things to think about.

Arne Waldstein, Housatonic