I’m voting for the United States

To the editor:

In a recent letter, the writer asks what we are voting for on Nov. 3. He makes a sound case that in normal times under normal circumstances that people like him, a conservative Republican with traditional conservative values, should vote for the Republican candidate for president. Mitt Romney, John McCain — all attractive conservative candidates that many many Americans could get behind.

But that’s exactly the point. These are anything but normal times.

The Republican candidate that he is backing, even though he says he’s not voting for the man, has crashed the nation into itself, left versus right, white versus Black, North versus South, blue versus red, science versus ignorance. I’m not confident that any one person can unite the nation in a single election but we’ve seen what this man can do left unchecked to divide us, to pit us against one another and to weaken the United States against all enemies.

I’m voting against hate and division, science deniers, white nationalists, climate deniers, bullies, liars, cheats, lawlessness, children in cages and a president that ignores Russians placing bounties on the heads of American soldiers. History is going to look back at this period, one of the darkest of our times and conclude that the one person and party that enabled him were responsible. That would be trump and the republicans.

I’m voting for Joe Biden and a hopeful United States. If we lose, may God help us.

Sgt. 1st Class Mark E. Pompi, U.S. Army (retired), Pittsfield