To the editor: On July 18, Todd Poulton, "The Punisher," president of the Berkshire County Boxing Hall of Fame, inducted five members onto the list of recipients. Through the diligent work of Poulton and the gracious acceptance of Pasquale Arace, the owner of the Highland Restaurant on Fenn Street in Pittsfield, the ceremony was a great success.

The Berkshire County Boxing Hall of Fame will be featured inside the restaurant on the walls with the boxers' pictures and their medals of fame.

The new members of the Class of 2021 are Frank Martin, Raymond George, Ed Decker, Eddie Ely and John Tynan.

The ceremony was attended by the boxers' families and friends. The attendees of the inductees spoke on behalf of them. Each one, more proud than the one before.

The success of Todd Poulton’s accomplishments to bring about this tribute has been a long and difficult road with obstacles that Todd has faced and beaten with his focus on the end result.

Great appreciation goes to Pasquale Arace to host a memorable day for all, along with the enjoyment by attendees to the always delicious food offered by the Highland Restaurant.

Barbara Ely-Bizzi, Pittsfield