To the editor: In response to Jim Neureuther's letter ("Letter: Baker vaccination policy fails Berkshire County," Eagle, April 29), I couldn't agree with him more.

I tried many, many times to get an appointment (I am over age 70) and was almost ready to give up. So I decided to contact one of our state representatives and it worked. This person emailed me back and actually called me and told me the exact day and time vaccines would become available. I actually got an appointment for the next day at St. Elizabeth's Church in North Adams. I should not have had to bother this representative, but I am glad I did.

Gov. Charlie Baker is doing a lousy job of getting the vaccine to the people of Berkshire County, mainly Pittsfield residents. The websites are terrible and most of the time just don't work. This needs to be fixed immediately.

Janice Butler, Cheshire