To the editor:

Sometimes I find it humorous, until I realize how pitiful it is to watch people continue to act against their own interest, just to keep someone else down. The Republicans found this foolproof formula 50 years ago with President Nixon and haven’t needed to change it yet.

“Watch out or those people will move in next to you. Beware the welfare queen, who keeps you down by cheating the government. Look at those gay folks destroying families and the social fabric. It’s the deep state that keeps you from prosperity. Aren’t you tired of liberals telling you what to eat, what kind of car to drive? You need an assault weapon in case the hoards of antifa come to your house. If we just get rid of Roe v. Wade, women will stop having abortions. So what if the rich laugh all the way to the bank and we can’t afford a vacation this year. At least we’re owning the libs.”

We keep putting people like Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Susan Collins, etc. (you name them) in power and watch them take from the people and give to the rich and big corporations. We already have bipartisanship. We all give to the haves and take from the have-not’s, all in the interest of helping “the job producers.” It’s the American way.

We don’t want socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raising taxes on the rich. God forbid that. Remember when we thanked low wage grocery workers for working during the height of the pandemic? Maybe you left a larger tip than usual for the waiter as you grabbed your takeout meal. That was so last year! Now we’re angry because some unemployed folks are balking at going back to low-wage, high-burnout jobs that are available.

Would it kill us to pay a little more for a meal so that workers could get paid more? Remember when the other guy said he would lose money from the tax cut he signed into law? Oops, he lied. Now watch the “moderates” fall on their swords to protect that same tax cut. Who needs infrastructure? Don’t you like historic, old bridges? I’m sure you agree how horrible it would be for Jeff Bezos to give up a billion or so to give his warehouse workers a good wage. We know space trips and mega-yachts are expensive. It’s just not easy being rich anymore.

Scott Haskell, Lenox