To the editor: It is good to see Danny Jin shining the spotlight on some of the challenges climate change will bring to the Berkshires. ("A warmer and wetter Berkshires climate means less snow, less skiing, bigger storms and more expensive road repairs," Eagle, Jan. 8.)

As he writes, they might still seem less dramatic than those currently in the headlines — wildfires, floods, droughts — but will have a measurable and painful impact on our region. And of course there are the larger health and economic tolls we all have to share no matter where we live. If, for example, homes along the coasts begin to lose their value due to sea level rise, the entire economy will feel the brunt.

That’s why it is so important to realize how much can still be done. One of the most powerful tools Congress has at its deposal is putting a steadily rising price on carbon pollution and returning the income generated to American households. Those who live on middle and lower incomes will come out ahead and this approach alone would get us to the goal of a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions from 2005 levels by 2030. It also has broad support among economists and businesses, setting a clear and predictable market signal. It is easy to call or email Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey as well as the White House and ask them to include such a provision in the budget bill. Why not do all we can while there is still time?

Pauline Banducci, Monterey

The writer is the Massachusetts media manager for the Citizens' Climate Lobby.