To the editor: The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a politician as "A person experienced in the art or science of government." The Merriam Webster Dictionary also defines a friend as "To have a friendship or friendly relationship with."

The state representative of the 4th Berkshire District is William "Smitty" Pignatelli, and he has served the county well since 2003. He is running for reelection this year, and I strongly urge you to get out and vote for him on Nov. 8. Smitty is a rare breed: a combination of both a politician and a friend. If the dictionary ever decided to take out the words and just post a picture, surely they would not be wrong if they used a picture of "Smitty" for both definitions. He has helped many people all over the county, and I myself have needed his help on a number of occasions, and he has never failed to help me or for that matter anyone.

I look at things this way when it comes to defining what work is and what a job is. A job is something that one has to do, and work is something that someone wants to do. In Smitty's case, what he does is work.

Please, to all the voters in Berkshire County, let's keep a good thing going and reelect our friend William "Smitty" Pignatelli to another term as out state representative.

Good luck, Smitty. I am glad you are our voice in Boston, but I am truly honored to call you a friend.

Kevin Larkin, Great Barrington