Letting go

To the editor: I know people on both sides of our political divide and I can’t let go of my belief that the majority of people on the “other” side are decent people who have been totally misguided.

When does your belief turn you into a bigot? You are pounded daily with lies that you believe because you choose to surround yourself with like-looking and like-minded people. How long will you hold on to your belief? No matter how many people tell you your belief is riding on a fallacy, you hold on tight white-knuckled.

What is it that keeps our grip on our beliefs — righteousness , stubbornness or, heaven forbid, evilness?

I will never let go of my belief that Donald Trump was a liar and horrible president. And you will never let go of your adulation for him. But in this tug of war I win; our last votes prove this. However, it’s not a real win for me if you are pulled to the ground and possibly dragged through the mud. It could be a win for all if you started thinking of that tug of war rope as a guide rope. Try following along, at least for 100 days. I promise it won’t lead you into hell.

Donna Hitchcock, Pittsfield