To the editor: I am writing to encourage you to cast your vote for Jennifer Macksey as the next mayor of North Adams.

I have worked very closely with Jennifer in matters of the Northern Berkshire School Union. Jennifer’s success rate for improving our schools has been 100 percent.

I am the chairperson for the Northern Berkshire School Union joint school committees. Jennifer was hired as business manager for NBSU with a main goal of writing grants for the five town school districts. Jennifer went way above and beyond finding grant money for all of the schools.

To Jennifer’s position as business manager, assistant superintendent was added to her job description as she was able to receive building grants and then proceeded to oversee the projects from bids to final completion. Jennifer has done an amazing job working with all five towns in the NBSU. Jennifer is always there with answers and suggestions to improve all of the school communities. On the business manager side of her job, Jennifer has been able to organize all of the individual budgets for each school and was able to set up an account so each of the shared employees did not have to receive five different checks from five different towns that belong to the NBSU.

Jennifer’s accounting skills have enabled the towns to file end-of-year reports for their schools. Jennifer has always met all grant deadlines and has made sure that all NBSU bills are paid in a timely fashion.

Leadership and compassion are two words that I would use to describe Jennifer. Jennifer has the ability to evaluate situations and she has incredible skills with which to make professional decisions. Jennifer has strong, effective, decision-making skills. Jennifer has a passion for service. Jennifer has been personally connected to North Adams her entire life. She has been a resident of North Adams, an employee in the city of North Adams, an employee at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, vice president of Southern Vermont College and is currently the assistant superintendent/business manager of the Northern Berkshire School Union which serves five towns and four schools.

Jennifer has the best interests for the city of North Adams in her desire to be mayor of North Adams.

Judith M. Oleson, Florida

The writer is a member of the Abbott Memorial School Committee and the chairperson of the Northern Berkshire School Union joint school committees.