To the editor: A lot has happened in North Adams over the past several years.

There have been many positives including outside investment and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, however, our beautiful city is not what it used to be. Attention to our taxpayers and local business has declined. As we approach a new era (first female mayor), it is ever so important that we do not stay stagnant. The new mayor needs experience in business as well as the management of personnel. We need a leader who is open to ideas and help from our citizens. We need a leader who is strong yet compassionate. A leader who will work with outside investors without missing the needs of our own people.

While we have two very intelligent candidates, it is abundantly clear to me that Jennifer Macksey has all the qualifications to move our city in a direction that is all inclusive. Jennifer has the strength and character to get the job done while being held accountable. As I believe Jennifer's resume stands on its own, I think people need to know her as the person she is. I have known Jennifer for many years and have had many conversations with her about politics, education, youth, safety and family. While we may not agree on everything, she has always listened and if she did not know the answer, she found it very quickly. I have not met many people who possess the organizational skills, work ethic or the ability to deal with adversity as Jennifer does. She may be of small stature, but she lacks nothing in leadership or personal skills.

Please join me in bringing North Adams back to the future and vote Jennifer Macksey for mayor on Nov. 2.

Mark Moulton, North Adams