To the editor: I would like to encourage the residents of North Adams to vote for Jennifer Macksey for mayor.

She has been preparing and training for this job throughout her professional career. Jennifer worked at North Adams City Hall for 16 years, going from billing clerk to tax collector, treasurer and chief financial officer, each time being promoted along the way because of her hard work, intelligence and integrity. She knows how to make and meet budgets, negotiate contracts and deal with many issues facing the city's operating departments.

After eight years in North Adams' highest financial position, she came to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts as director of student accounts responsible for the accounting, receipt and reporting of millions received annually in revenues from fees, grants, loans, tuition and financial aid sources.

Jennifer went on to the next challenge being selected as executive vice president of Southern Vermont College in a national search where she managed all the college departments in tandem with the president.

She currently serves as assistant superintendent of the Northern Berkshire School Union, administering the finances of several local school districts. Jennifer has always kept a finger on the pulse of the community and has worked with the idea that someday she would run for mayor. She has effectively managed large numbers of staff and efficiently handled significant sums of money. She is a lifelong resident of North Adams and knows the city. She is practical, intelligent, collaborative and has a wonderful view of life. One of her greatest assets is to put in whatever time and effort is necessary to accomplish the goals she sets for herself.

She is a strong, personable, dynamic woman who will serve the residents of North Adams well.

Gerald Desmarais, North Adams

The writer is a former treasurer for the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.