Massachusetts seems woefully behind in protecting seniors

To the editor: I’ve just heard from senior-citizen friends in New York that they’ve just been vaccinated. Ditto friends and relatives in places like Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Florida.

So Gov. Charlie Baker, what’s with the great state of Massachusetts and its plan to protect its most vulnerable citizens? Apparently the latest phase of vaccinations has expanded from medical-related personnel to seniors in nursing homes and others who are institutionalized, including prison inmates, but not the rest of us seniors. That apparently means Massachusetts seniors, at least for now, need to get arrested.

I was thinking of maybe following in the footsteps of Arlo Guthrie. Lots of years ago he got arrested in Stockbridge for illegally dumping garbage after a Thanksgiving dinner that “couldn’t be beat.” On the other hand, arresting officer Obie of “Alice’s Restaurant” fame is no longer with us. So what to do?

Richard Stern, South Egremont