Massive regional effort needed on vaccines

To the editor: We all have lost family or friends or know of someone that died from this terrible disease.

My own Grandfather died in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.We now have a vaccine, or should I say we have two wonderful vaccines. We now need to have people vaccinated as quickly as possible. We need a massive effort by many sources to get the job done as quickly as possible to save lives.

I would also say at this time that the irresponsible people who refuse to wear a mask should excuse themselves from taking the shot.

What I am proposing is this: Set up a command center at the mall. Bring in the vaccine coolers there. Set up an assembly line for giving shots, have a place for people to sit until cleared to leave.

Keep the 0place open 24 hours per day, seven says a week. Bring nurses, pharmacists and anyone who is certified to give shots. Either have it first come first serve, have doctors make appointments or both.

We need to do this. You may think this is a wild idea, but other communities are doing just this. We cannot afford to have just one site for delivering shots, especially one like BMC that is dealing with all the current cases, has limited parking and overworked staff.

James Boyle, Cheshire