To the editor: Please vote to keep Roxanne McCaffrey on the Stockbridge Select Board.

In her first term, she demonstrated compassionate leadership, working full-time on numerous issues. She listens, then proposes solutions like creating an advisory committee to the Select Board to bring parties concerned about the Stockbridge Bowl together rather than arguing through the courts or publications.

Roxanne leaves her ego at the door as she works for our common good, always keeping her eye on the needs of the town's citizens and our finances. She is sincere and cares for both the town and the needs of its citizens.

With Planning Board members serving five-year terms, this election will shape the town's future for years to come. That is why we're voting for Bill Vogt. If you drive up Prospect Hill or around the Bowl, you will see a change in our town's character. Our zoning bylaws, adopted in the last century, require homes to be built on lots of an acre or more and fragment land that destroys wildlife habitat because they lack flexibility. In Joel Russell's diagnostic report of our bylaws and the visioning sessions, there was overwhelming support for zoning that protects open space/viewsheds and wildlife habitats while allowing for development supported by environmentalists and home builders.

Bill has led the discussion at the Planning Board in implementing these types of changes. We need to vote for him to ensure that residents can discuss enacting a bylaw that will create flexibility during the planning process to provide protections for our town's most vital natural assets, offer more housing options and address climate change.

Erik and Christine Rasmussen, Stockbridge