To the editor: An informed electorate is always important but especially in contested races.

The Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee studies the candidates and their positions and then endorses.

Jamie Minacci for Select Board. Jamie is a hometown girl. She skied and ran cross-country for Monument Mountain’s track team. For two years, Jamie has been chair of the Stockbridge Bowl Stewardship Commission working to develop a Lake Management Plan. She’s a member of the Conservation Commission, Stockbridge Representative to Berkshire Regional Transit Authority Advisory Committee and the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee in Great Barrington, secretary for the Democratic Town Committee as well as a full-time teacher. Jamie assisted getting Stockbridge included in a pilot program that will provide on-request transportation service seven days a week. She is a hard worker we can all rely upon.

Kate Fletcher for Planning Board. Reelect Kate, an incumbent who has served two terms on Planning Board. She is a lifelong resident of Stockbridge and recently received a master’s degree in public policy from UMass. Kate is extremely knowledgeable about town bylaws and their implications. She previously chaired the Zoning Review Committee and now chairs the Stockbridge Fountain Committee and is a trustee of the Laurel Hill Association. Her vision is to protect and enhance the character and beauty of Stockbridge.

Elisabeth (Lis) Danish Wheeler is also endorsed as a Planning Board candidate. (Remember: You can vote for two Planning Board candidates.) Lis raised her family here. I met Lis years ago when we both attended Planning Board and other meetings. She was always taking notes, intent on the proceedings and how they would impact the area. We bonded over our shared love for Stockbridge, sense of community and hopes for its future. We share a commitment to affordable housing so our children, grandchildren and those who work in Stockbridge can live here. Lis is a trustee of the Laurel Hill Association, coordinated this year’s Earth Day activities and is a longtime board member of Berkshire Lyric Theater. Her knowledge about Stockbridge and sensitivity to the needs of its people will make Lis a wonderful addition to our planning board.

Vote May 17. Learn more about the candidates by reading their statements in Stockbridge Updates, The Eagle and the Berkshire Edge. We hope you will then vote for the candidates endorsed by the Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee.

Anita Schwerner, Stockbridge

The writer is chairperson of the Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee.